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Written in 1909, this poem was one of Dorothea’s personal favourites. It was first published in the volume of verse “The Closed Door”, in 1911. The poem was read at her funeral service at St. Mark’s Church, Darling Point, in Sydney.


Dorothea was inspired to write this poem while visiting the family property, “Kurrumbede”, near Gunnedah in New South Wales. It was published in 1911, in the volume of verse “The Closed Door”.

My Country

One of the poems better known by Australians. Written by Dorothea at the age of twenty-two years while she was living in England, and missing her home country, Australia.

The Dreamer

A poem that looks at the human need to have hope, and to dream a wonderful life. Published in 1911.

An Old Song

This poem was first published in the well regarded American magazine “Harper’s”. Dorothea was a very young writer at the time when these small verses, known as ‘fillers’, were printed by journals and publications. It appeared again in her second book of , “The Witchmaid”, that was published in 1914, in London. Her family was really surprised at this achievement.

The Waiting Life

Published in Dorothea’s final book of verse, “Fancy Dress”, in 1926. The poem looks at responsibilities, and, as with Dorothea, responsibilities came first, before enjoyment was even thought about.

Source: 1971, The Poems of Dorothea Mackellar. Australia: Rigby Ltd.